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This morning, the second round of the Europa League group stage began. Many five major leagues and famous European clubs appeared. In many games, there were still many upsets. Some fans still suffered certain losses. The most typical of these upsets There are three games:


Before the game, Leverkusen was in good condition. Since the new season, he has remained unbeaten in all competitions in 7 games, and the team's total value is 6 times that of the opponent! However, the first major factor that affected the game and led to an upset was the red card. Soon after the first half began, the drug factory general Bela Rabbi made a foul and was sent off. The subsequent game entered the rhythm of the home team's control. Although the home team didn't score the penalty kick taken by Stanciu in the second half, but before the end of the game, he still used the advantage of numbers. Leverkusen loses!

比赛开始前,勒沃库森状态良好。自新赛季以来,他在7场比赛中均保持不败,球队的总价值是对手的6倍!但是,影响比赛并导致失败的第一个主要因素是红牌。上半年开始后不久,药厂将军贝拉·拉比(Bela Rabbi)犯规,被罚下场。随后的比赛进入了主队控制的节奏。尽管主队没有在下半场取得Stanciu的点球得分,但是在比赛结束前,他仍然利用数字的优势。勒沃库森输了!

In this game, Mourinho adjusted some of the starting lineup, especially the frontcourt. Sun Xingmin and captain Kane both sat on the bench, and Vinicius and Bell started. However, the Tottenham players seemed to forget to wear their shooting boots in this game. 15 shots in the whole game were almost no threat, and most of them became waves. The home team is currently ranked first, morale is high, and the first half of the first half. After the intermission, Mourinho replaced Sun Xingmin, Lucas, and Lamela in batches. Seeing that the momentum was wrong, he replaced Kane in the 59th minute and removed Bale, but he still couldn't find the rhythm of the goal. The first Premier League team to lose in the European game this season.


Feyenoord, coached by veteran Ed Wocart, has not only won the Champions League but also the UEFA Champions League in history. Although they are not in hot form this season, they are also unbeaten in 7 games since the start of the new season. However, they performed too badly this morning. They sent out two penalty kicks in the first half. The away team midfielder Lindel used penalty kicks twice to score. In the second half, Boguis, who was once rumored in the Chinese Super League, got a goal back, but Lindel staged a hat trick to extinguish the hope of the home team's comeback. In the second half, Feyenoord's poor defense once again sent points, and the passive Wolfsberg finally won 4-1 away.

由老将埃德·沃卡特(Ed Wocart)执教的费耶诺德(Feyenoord)不仅赢得了冠军联赛,而且还赢得了历史上的欧洲冠军联赛。尽管他们本赛季表现不佳,但自新赛季开始以来他们在7场比赛中保持不败。但是,他们今天早上的表现太差了。他们在上半场发出了两个点球。客队中场林德尔使用点球两次得分。下半场,曾经在中国超级联赛中传闻的博吉斯(Boguis)得到了进球,但林德尔(Lindel)上演了帽子戏法,以扑灭主队复出的希望。下半场,费耶诺德的防守不佳再一次得分,而被动的沃尔夫斯堡终于以4-1获胜。

Feyenoord had a ball possession rate of up to 70% in the entire game, doubled his shot, and gave his opponent 3 penalties unexpectedly! In addition to being unable to grasp the opportunity with wave shots, plus too many penalties, eventually leading to upset!


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